Shrapnel Dip

  Love, love, love this dip for summer (and spring, winter, and fall).    It makes a beautiful presentation with the variety of colors, but more than that, it’s a mouthwatering explosion of tastiness.  Great with tortillas.  Makes a great appetizer.  Try adding some cooked shrimp for an even bigger bang!

Old-Fashioned Lemonade

  Sometimes I think homemade lemonade is a dying art.  There are so many options for lemonade on the market today…powdered mixes, frozen concoctions and the refrigerated bottles.  And then you have the different flavor and color options, but I’m on a mission to bring back good, old-fashioned lemonade.  You know what I’m talking about, the sweet,  slightly tart … [Read more…]

Mascarpone Chocolate Chip Cookies with Cookie Dough Frosting

One day I was making chocolate chip cookies, and everyone (including me) wanted to eat the cookie dough before I could get the cookie sheet in the oven.   But after I eat an uncontrollable spoonful of uncooked cookie dough, my conscience begins to plague me about the raw egg.  Should I have just eaten that?  I suddenly began toying with the idea of … [Read more…]

Ground Turkey Tacos

      I had a friend who told me she never had tacos for dinner while she was growing up.  Her mother always made elegant meals.  You know the kind of meals I’m talking about….with the white napkins, fine china and all the silverware.  While I was envious of the Mrs. Cleaver type, I look back now and realize, sometimes you … [Read more…]

Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

Everyone saw my ingredients on the counter and smelled the aroma coming from the kitchen.  Got a lot of…”whatcha cooking?” questions.  I told them a giant chocolate chip cookie, and I got little, if no reaction.  They had no idea this giant cookie was going to be so Ahhhmazing!!  But the crowd quickly gathered as I … [Read more…]