Surprise Banana Cake

  To my surprise, the family came up with an ingenious plan to not eat the fresh bananas that I purchased.   They cleverly figured out that the bananas would begin to get spotted, and then I would turn the ripe bananas into one of my one hundred and one banana dessert recipes.  Okay, who can blame them?…This moist banana cake is better … [Read more…]

Mascarpone Chocolate Chip Cookies with Cookie Dough Frosting

One day I was making chocolate chip cookies, and everyone (including me) wanted to eat the cookie dough before I could get the cookie sheet in the oven.   But after I eat an uncontrollable spoonful of uncooked cookie dough, my conscience begins to plague me about the raw egg.  Should I have just eaten that?  I suddenly began toying with the idea of … [Read more…]

Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

Everyone saw my ingredients on the counter and smelled the aroma coming from the kitchen.  Got a lot of…”whatcha cooking?” questions.  I told them a giant chocolate chip cookie, and I got little, if no reaction.  They had no idea this giant cookie was going to be so Ahhhmazing!!  But the crowd quickly gathered as I … [Read more…]

Frosted Banana Bars

      Easy, super moist and oh soooo yummy banana bars…I actually made these two times in one weekend. Yeah, that’s right, two whole 9X13 pans completely disappeared in just two days! It’s Friday, cold and dreary, but you know what I’m thinking, yeah, it’s a double batch of banana bars kind of weekend.  These are the … [Read more…]

Monster Cookie Bars

Who can resist sugar, peanut butter, chocolate chips, and M&Ms?  It’s a combo to drool over.  And hey,  no flour is required in this recipe.  Healthy?, you say.   They contain a healthy serving of oatmeal…so between you and me, let’s call them healthy, as we scarf down these sugar wonders!  They are so simple to make everything is mixed in one bowl, … [Read more…]