Breakfast Taquitos

It’s been an unwritten rule in our house to have one meal together as a family each day. I think it is important for all the family to sit together, enjoy good food and conversation. How relaxing and soothing it must be for everyone to gather at the breakfast nook, right? Au contraire, breakfast at our house … [Read more…]

Top 10 Recipes from 2017

I’ve collected my top 10 recipes from 2017 – a combination of your favorites and my family’s most requested. Seems we have a lot of sweet tooths, and why not?!?  It’s been a fun year and sugar keeps us going strong! I don’t know where the year went, guess it’s like they say…time flies when … [Read more…]

One Pan Honey Garlic Chicken

  One pan is music to my ears. Fuss-free and virtually no-clean up. An easy dinner for an easy weeknight! Big taste for my big family! I even have some “me time” while it bakes in the oven. While the honey and garlic coating glazes and caramelizes everything to perfection, I have time to pay bills, clean the microwave, and throw … [Read more…]