Welcome! This site is about finding the perfect balance to our fast-paced life. We will find out how to make more time for ourselves, and how to spend quality time with our family and friends while preparing and eating good food.

I love cookbooks and recipes, and have quite the collection.  But no amount of cookbooks or recipes can provide the techniques one can achieve by working one-to-one with that special someone in the kitchen. Lately, when I’ve been cooking, I’ve been relaying my special secrets and tips to my sous chef (actually he’s my son). I’ve had so much fun sharing thoughts with the “sous chef”,  I wanted to create this site to share my thoughts with others.

I also love antiques, and restoring items to their original glory.  The beauty of the past tells a story, and it’s so important to create our future with pieces of the past.  One thing we should never let die is the lost art of cooking. My favorite dish of the past was my grandma’s ham dumplings. Yeah, I know, you young whipper-snappers are asking, “what’s a dumpling?”  It’s just basically a noodle made out of flour and something called lard (do they even make lard anymore?) Anyway,  my grandma’s dumplings were the best! I  was just a little girl, and I could eat them until I got sick.  I still have my grandma’s recipe.  It was passed on to me from my mom. Grandma would just throw the dumplings together…just a pinch, a dash and a handful.  To get the recipe in writing, we had to slow her down, and try to estimate the teaspoon, tablespoon and cups as she threw it all together.  I treasure what I learned from Grandma. By working side by side with a mentor, you not only learn to create good food, but you also gain culture, love, memories and the best ideas.

Let’s take this journey together and pass our kitchen thoughts to one another. We will use the lessons from the past and all the latest inventions, technology, and gadgets of today to keep our heritage strong, our food delicious, and our friends and family close.

grandma's dumplings

Grandma’s Recipe: Handwritten by Mom