Grilled Cajun Lime Chicken

Mmmm! You gotta love grilling in the summer.  Nothing beats the barbequed taste of food that has been thrown on the grill.  I love the flavor of lime and it brings just the right balance to this Cajun chicken.  Cilantro gives it a nice, extra zing, but sometimes in a pinch I add parsley.  Just slap this chicken on the grill with … [Read more…]

Surprise Banana Cake

  To my surprise, the family came up with an ingenious plan to not eat the fresh bananas that I purchased.   They cleverly figured out that the bananas would begin to get spotted, and then I would turn the ripe bananas into one of my one hundred and one banana dessert recipes.  Okay, who can blame them?…This moist banana cake is better … [Read more…]

Spicy Lime Salmon

  This salmon is packed with a kick! Since it is a bit on the spicy side, you will not need a lot of the sauce.  You know what they say, a little goes a long way. But feel free to adjust to your spice level…if you are not about the spice, tone back on the sriracha. But if you’re … [Read more…]

Shrapnel Dip

  Love, love, love this dip for summer (and spring, winter, and fall).    It makes a beautiful presentation with the variety of colors, but more than that, it’s a mouthwatering explosion of tastiness.  Great with tortillas.  Makes a great appetizer.  Try adding some cooked shrimp for an even bigger bang!