Mexican Lasagna

I came across a recipe for taco lasagna, and suddenly the lightbulb went off. Or maybe it was more like fireworks, We love Mexican and Italian dishes, but I never thought of putting the two together. I couldn’t wait to try my hand at the best of both worlds.  I was inspired to mix-up a … [Read more…]

Bowtie Chicken Alfredo

  Pasta dishes are our go-to Wednesday meals. I usually gravitate towards spaghetti, because it’s quick and easy. But this little meal is just as simple as making spaghetti, and the flavor is scrump-de-licious. (If my proofreading team is checking this, yes that’s a real word. Trust me.) Everyone in my family loves chicken and combined … [Read more…]

Mom’s Classic Lasagna with Pepperoni

I remember the first time my mom added pepperoni to the top of her lasagna. It was love at first bite.   Now my kids have come to expect pepperoni topped lasagna too.  I usually double this recipe and make two pans.  It’s a family favorite for sure. When you have all the ingredients out, it’s … [Read more…]

Classic Baked Ziti

Guess you figured out we love our pasta!  Every time I ask the family what they want for dinner…I usually get a list of Italian dishes that includes Baked Ziti. I’ve experimented with many different variations, but I’ve got to say, I like this classic version.  Sometimes I spice it up with little extra toppings.  I’ve been know … [Read more…]