So you ask, “What is this contraption?”  It looks like it belongs more in a mad scientist’s lab than in an everyday kitchen, right? This nerdy little apparatus is your alternative to all those over-priced espressos at the local coffee shop or even the new-high-fangled, high-priced espresso machines. I got your back. As long as you follow the simple, tried and true method,  it is totally infallible.  And the results, well you get a great espresso shot (or two, or three) every time!  And it’s speedy! Once your water is hot, the entire process takes less than 30 seconds. It’s portable! Take it on vacation or camping. Cleaning is also quick and easy! Just push the filter and grounds into the trash, rinse out the pieces (or put them in your dishwasher), and it’s ready for the next day.  The method I’m sharing is the inverted method.  The chamber is upside down allowing the brew to sit a few seconds before pressing the coffee down, and the results, well a clean, great-tasting cup of espresso! IMG_7332


The Perfect Espresso (AeroPress Inverted Method)

Espresso made with the inverted chamber. This method expels more of the oils in the grinds, which contain ample flavor for a full-bodied, clear espresso.

Servings 2 shots


  • 16 grams coffee, finely ground
  • 200 millileters water


  1. With this method you leave the filter screwed off at this point and instead insert the plunger into the chamber up to mark 4. Now turn it over so the bottom of the AeroPress where the filter would screw on is facing upwards.
  2. Now add the desired amount of grinds into the chamber.
  3. Pour in the water, 176ºF, up to the correct marking, so for a double espresso you would now pour up to mark 2. (Since it’s upside down with the plunger at mark 4.)

  4. Take the paddle and stir coffee around to fully infuse.

  5. Add a pre-soaked paper filter to the filter compartment and screw on top tight.

  6. With your mug ready, turn the AeroPress over, give it a whirl.

  7. Place onto the mug and begin extracting your coffee by pushing down on the the plunger. Push down all the way through the bubbles and listening for the final hiss. This is the last bit of water pushing through.

  8. Unscrew the basket head and throw away grounds. You may recycle the filter 2 or three times by rinsing off the grounds. 

  9. Enjoy a clean cup of perfect espresso!


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