Yogurt Banana Bread

  We always buy a lot of bananas.  They are great for breakfast, to throw in the lunchbox or a good afterschool snack.  Because we buy so many, sometimes they become ripe too quick.  When the family sees the bananas starting to turn a little dark, I always say I’m going to make banana bread.  In the past, they were … [Read more…]

Oven Baked Crispy Fries

Long day at the office today, and what do you know, no frozen fries in the freezer to go with the burgers and dogs.  No problem, it’s actually a blessing, because I resort to something tastier and healthier, Oven Baked Crispy Fries.  What was I thinking anyway, reaching for a bag of frozen potatoes when I have five pounds of … [Read more…]

Lisa’s Pizza with French Bread Crust

My husband, the football fan, and my two hungry teenage boys have been eagerly awaiting my first post.  Drum roll please… in their honor and the upcoming Superbowl, I present to you Lisa’s Pizza.  I call it my own, because I’ve morphed it over the years.    When I was a teenager, my neighbor would … [Read more…]